Potty Training

From the moment Colton turned two, I was laser focused on one goal: potty training. I read books, researched blogs, talked to friends and ultimately decided to go with potty training boot camp style. Crazy schedules and weekend commitments forced me to hold off until Colton was two and a half. Finally, all the stars aligned and I had THE weekend inked on the calendar – November 14-16. There would be no going back.

As mentioned, I read a lot about potty training and the so-called potty training weekend so I had an idea of what I was getting myself into. I was prepared as much as anyone can be. I purchased a variety of delicious juice boxes to keep him hydrated, special treats to keep him motivated, indoor activities to keep us entertained for THREE straight days and most importantly removed and/or covered the surfaces in our family room in preparation for numerous accidents.

Day 1 – Friday November 14th
We woke up at 6:15. After eating breakfast and bidding Daddy farewell (lucky SOB), Colton and I were ready to begin our mission…
7:15 AM – Colton and I collected all of the diapers and wipes in our house and threw them away (errr…put them in a trash bag that was later delivered to cousins) before putting on brand new underwear
8:55 AM – pee pee accident #1
9:30 AM – pee pee accident #2 (1/4 made it in the potty!)
10:00 AM – pee pee accident #3 (Entirely on the floor)
10:20 AM – pee pee accident #4 (Entirely on the floor)
10:50 AM – Colton stated he needed to pee pee and did so entirely on the potty
11:15 AM – Colton stated he needed to pee pee and did so entirely on the potty
11:45 AM – Started to pee pee in his underwear before catching himself and running to the potty
12:10 PM – Pre-nap pee pee in the potty
12:15-2:25PM – Nap
2:25PM – Woke up from nap wet and by wet I mean 100% positively soaking
2:30 PM – pee pee accident all over the floor (very upset)
3:20 PM – pee pee accident all over the floor
3:45 PM – Colton requested to pee pee and did so on the potty!
4:20 PM – Colton requested to pee pee and did so on the potty!
4:55 PM – Colton requested to pee pee and did so on the potty!
5:20 PM – pee pee with Daddy
6:00 PM – Poop in pants
6:30 PM – Pre-bed pee pee in potty    (went to bed in underwear…eek!)

Mommy proceeded to drink half a bottle of vodka (just kidding…ok, fine, one-quarter of the bottle….give me a break it was a stressful day) and was in bed by 8:30. Potty training is exhausting.

Day 2 – Saturday November 15th
6:15 AM – Woke up a little wet (more laundry, sigh)
6:30 AM – pee pee on potty (insert crazy Mommy excitement)
8:00 AM – pee pee on Potty (more Mommy excitement)
9:20 AM – started in pants finished in potty
10:30 AM – Full on accident on the floor – mommy lost her cool completely (sorry buddy)
11:00 AM – Two drops of pee pee in the undies before screaming I need to go potty!
11:20 AM – Half on floor and half on potty
11:55  AM- half in underwear and half in potty (can you sense my frustration)
12:45 PM – pee pee on potty
12:45-3:15  PM – Nap
3:15 PM – Wake up dry from nap and immediate pee pee on potty ( I may have actually scared him this time with my over-the-top excitement)
4:05 PM – pee pee on potty
5:15 PM – pee pee on potty
6:00 PM – Poop in pants
7:15 PM – Poop in pants (can you say deja vu?)
7:30 PM – Pee in Potty before heading to bed

I was too tired this night to even have a drink…off to bed I went immediately following Colton.

Day Three – Sunday November 16th
6:15 AM – Wake up DRY! ( you would have thought we won the lottery with amount of cheering in our house)
6:20 AM – pee pee
6:50 AM – pee pee
7:50 AM – pee pee
8:55 AM – pee pee
9:48  AM – pee pee
10:15 AM – Poop in pants (really, kid?)
11:18 AM – pee pee
11:53 AM – pee pee – eating lunch and screams Mommy I have to go potty!
12:35 PM – pee pee
12:45 PM – pee pee
12:45-3:20 PM – nap
3:20 PM – pee pee
4:25 PM – pee pee
5:05 PM – pee pee
6:22 PM – pee pee
7:15 PM – pee pee
8:35 PM – pee pee

After three days, he definitely mastered number one. Number two, on the other hand, was still a constant struggle. It took two additional weeks and a lot of accidents before something clicked.

It has been five months since we quit diapers cold turkey and while there have been a few accidents and a week-long regression, Colton is a potty rock star and we are no longer spending money on diapers…hallelujah! Added bonus: Mommy finally had an excuse to buy and watch Frozen!


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Moments Captured

Looking through the pictures from the last year, I came across many where the picture captures something that at the time did not seem incredibly monumental and for those pictures  I am most grateful.

On our way home from our beach vacation in North Carolina last summer, I snapped this picture of Colton napping in his car seat with paci. At the time, I had no idea it would be the last picture taken of my sweet boy with his paci.


Let’s be real, I knew that he was not going to go away to college with his paci but at the same time I had no idea how quickly and quietly he would give it up. After hearing numerous horror stories, I was prepared for a power struggle with my strong-willed little guy. I was certain that he would find it difficult to sleep without his trusted companion. I anticipated tearful nights and numerous requests for his paci. But he surprised me, after one nap without his paci (which at time was believed to have not been in his backpack but was) he was over the hurdle and never looked back. There were no grand celebrations and there were no bribes, just a little boy who made one small decision that would continue propelling him forward into being a big boy.

So, at the time this picture was taken I was admiring the peacefulness of my little boy napping not knowing that a few short days later he would no longer need the security of his paci….a paci that I still keep safely tucked away in a drawer.

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Already Two…


How are you two already? Two years. TWO. YEARS.OLD.

Never has time traveled so quickly or my heart been so full. The last year has been wonderful as you and I have come into our own. We are best friends. Pals. Buddies. I know it won’t last forever but I am going to try my best to enjoy every.single.minute (even the ones filled with terrible two tantrums, potty training accidents and endless whys).

The road to our newfound camaraderie was not easy. The first year was tough. As you will learn as you grow older, Mommy has a really hard time with babies. I am terrified of them. I am intimidated by them. I am downright confused by them. You will also learn that Mommy is extremely type A. I like to schedule and plan everything. Babies really don’t conform to my crazy spreadsheet lifestyle. Somehow, thanks to the grace of God and your very supportive Daddy, we made it past the baby phase together and, I might add, no worse for wear. I have to admit, at your first birthday I was relieved! Not that I wished away your childhood but I was so desperately ready for this new phase of our relationship. Let me tell you, you did not disappoint.

The transition from baby to toddler was welcomed. I remember you taking your first steps two weeks after your birthday and now you move at a full sprint! I remember your first haircut! You were uncertain of Miss Mindy and the experience in general. I remember your excitement at Castle Hill when you realized the waitress was bringing over hummus and breadsticks!I remember your Baptism in NC. What a special weekend we had with our NC family and friends. I remember our hayride at Schartner’s Farms and the corn maze. I remember your elephant Halloween costume and how you held Ms. Steph’s hand during the parade like a big boy instead of riding in the wagon. I remember our special Thanksgiving with Mimi! I remember how delighted you were with the Dyson vacuum and train table that Santa left for you Christmas morning. I remember our fun trip to NC with the Patnodes. You sure do love Miss Clara Jane. I remember when you graduated from Honeysuckle to Peanut. The ceremony was canceled but we still celebrated with cupcakes! I remember our Saturday errand dates and how much you love the American cheese offered at the deli counter! I remember our Sunday breakfast dates with Nana and Grandpa and how much bacon (or sausage) you would eat! I remember our first swim lesson and how you were hesitant to get in the pool but by the end you were eagerly jumping in! I remember Easter and how much fun you had hunting for Easter eggs.We shared so many fun experiences together this year.

Don’t get me wrong, there were also some tough times during year two. Like the 2,728 double ear infections. By March we (and you) had finally had enough and opted for tubes. I remember the day so vividly as I had to restrain you so that the doctor could put you under. In that moment my heart shattered into a million pieces but thankfully you were able to put the pieces back together when you came out of surgery better than ever. You feel better, you act better and you speak better.  Don’t forget about your recent trip to the ER resulting from your daredevil chair stunt at school or the endless battle with your eczema for which I am certain we have $1,500 worth of creams, lotions and oils.

Colton, you love to crawl in bed with me in the morning to watch Sesame Street. You insist that I pull the covers up over you and you rest your head on my chest. I love this snuggle time with you. You love Elvis. The only explanation I have for why he lets you tug his ears, pull his beard, wrestle him to the ground, lie on him and pat him without gentle hands is because he loves you too….it may also have something to do with all of the food you feed him! You love your Daddy. You dress like him and imitate him. I hope when you grow up you are as patient and kind as he is. He is a good man Colton and you should always be proud of him and that he is yours. You love sitting on the kitchen counter and helping me cook. You like adding the ingredients “Colton do it.” The kitchen may look like something exploded when we are done but I wouldn’t trade those memories for a professionally cleaned kitchen any day.  You love to dance to Katy Perry. Dance parties are common in our house much to Elvis’ displeasure!  Your affirmative answer to most things is “yah;” we are not sure where the Swedish influence came from but it is really cute. On most days you can eat your weight in bagels, meatballs, green peas, sunflower butter and jelly sandwiches, cheese sticks and strawberries. You also have a crazy sweet tooth and love your “ookies and ice cream.” You love your sleep and often ask to go night-night. You love Elmo, Curious George and Thomas the train. You love playing outside. You love your teachers and friends at school.

I love the bear hugs you are so willing to give (once we remind you to use your arms). I love when you run up to me and wrap yourself around my legs. I love hearing you say “I love you Mommy.” I love watching you interact with your Daddy. I love how excited you get about things that you like (you flap your arms like a baby bird). I love that when you smile your dimple shows just like mine.

Colton, watching you grow up is the highlight of my life. On this day, your birthday and mother’s day, I want you to know how lucky I am that you are mine.



Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

Love this face...

Love this face…

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Four Legs, Two Legs

Four legs, two legs, Mommy legs all go down the slide!

Last year for Colton’s first birthday Nana and Grandpa gave him a swing set of his choosing! Almost one year later to the day, the swing set has been purchased, built and put to good use! Colton loves to go down the slide and use the swings “superman” style! Elvis loves hanging out in the fort too! Now that the weather is turning nicer, I am sure we’ll be spending a lot time playing in the backyard! Thank you Nana and Grandpa!


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Baby Beluga

A few weeks ago we spent the afternoon at the Mystic Aquarium with Nana and Grandpa.  You see, back in September the penguins escaped from the aquarium and it was up to Colton and Nana to chase them back home.

Silly Penguins!

Silly Penguins!

Fresh out of swim class, Colton thought that the tanks were pools and insisted that he wanted to go swimming. Reasoning with a toddler is difficult at best but we were able to successfully divert his attention from swimming in the water to observing the marine life. He found the Beluga Whales especially interesting…

Baby beluga in the deep blue sea....

Baby beluga in the deep blue sea….

Like many parents, we pushed an empty stroller around the aquarium and either chased a curious two-year old through the exhibits or carried all 30 pounds of cuteness around!

After a busy morning of brunch (including a dramatic fall at the restaurant) and exploring the aquarium, Colty was beat. No one likes sleep as much as our little guy so he was quick to let us know that he was “all done!” so we headed home…. with the addition of a large stuffed penguin affectionately named “Beluga!”

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Last Wednesday, April 9, started off as a pretty normal day. We hurriedly got dressed, ate breakfast and waved goodbye to Elvis as we made our way to school. You sang your ABCs and talked about Ms. Jess on the way. Once we got to school, you quickly found Reagan, grabbed her hand and headed off to get breakfast with a quick goodbye to us.

Four hours later we received a call from school. Not all calls from school are bad as they typically mean things like running a fever, pink eye or teething pain but this call was a bit more urgent. You see, my sweet boy, you were being hard-headed and had an accident! I wonder where you get that from? Anyway, at lunch you decided to stand in your chair instead of sit. You were told repeatedly to sit and even made to put your bottom in the chair on a number of occasions. Unfortunately, on this particular occasion you lost your balance and tumbled backwards hitting your head on the window ledge as you made your way to the ground. Your fall was quickly followed by tears, blood and a phone call to Dad. You’ll be proud to know that your Dad was calm, cool and collected as we drove to school to pick you up.

With one look we knew you needed staples (eek!). We made our way back to Providence where we rushed into the ER at Hasbro. This is where things slowed down (up to this point everything was moving at warp speed). For two hours we waited. You forced Daddy to carry you around the hospital – inside, outside, down the halls. Finally, we were called back. Your head wound was 1.5 centimeters and required 2 staples. You were able to snack on apple juice and graham crackers while we waited for the ointment to numb your scalp. The doctor returned to our room once your head was numb and just like that you had two shiny staples in your head and we were on our way home. You cried a bit but under the circumstances (tired, hungry and in pain) you were incredibly brave. My crazy, sweet, silly, adventurous, funny little boy, you are my hero.

I’ll “kiss it” and “make it better” as long as you’ll let me tough guy.

Love you!


Future New England Patriot

Future New England Patriot

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Long Time Coming

I can hardly believe it has been more than three months since my last post. Jeez, time really does fly when you are celebrating holidays, traveling, celebrating birthdays, studying for an exam, keeping up with a toddler having fun! This blog is a long time coming so hopefully I can get back into the swing of things over the next few weeks!

Here is a brief re-cap of the last few months:

Santa was really good to Colton.

DSC_0022 DSC_0025

Colton and Elvis are still best friends.


We had a great trip to NC to see our family.


We stayed at Cold Mountain with some of our favorite people.



We had some snow….and some more snow.


We had several snow days where we worked from home.


Colton graduated from Honeysuckle to Peanut at school!


My best friends came to visit.


And this guy was the highlight of each and every occasion….



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